Stasis was released in 2015, and the new horror adventure game was received extremely positively by gamers and critics alike. The horror game mixes point-and-click with puzzles as it sends the player on a science-fiction adventure aboard a spaceship.

The game focuses on the main character who has just woken up from Stasis on a now abandoned spaceship; his aim is to unravel the mystery of what happened to the ship and to locate his missing wife and daughter. At the same time, the spaceship is falling into the methane clouds that cover Neptune. Players will need to take John Maracheck through his physical and emotional limits if they want to find out what had happened on the ship and where his family is.

The spaceship the game takes place on is called the Groomlake which is owned by the Cayne Corporation; the company, of course, has been carrying out some morally questionable research on the ship and far from Earth. There are various computers that the player can access all throughout the ship, and many of these will have PDA data log files on them; these files push the story forwards as they explain what happened to the other inhabitants of the ship. These data logs are needed for the puzzles, and they provide vital hints to help the player continue through the game.

medibayIsometric horror games don’t always look very good graphic wise, however Stasis looks great. The story is the main feature in Stasis, and it’s supported well by detailed graphics that give the game a much darker atmosphere; the game is tense, and the isometric view is similar to the great classic horror titles such as Resident Evil. The rooms on the spaceship are varied, and players will never know what they should be expecting next, there could be a testing chamber behind the door, or it could open to a long claustrophobic corridor with blood smeared across the walls.

Of course it wouldn’t be a horror game based on experiments without monsters in it; the various strange creatures roam in the shadows and can occasionally be spotted in the distance or glimpsed by the player. It allows the imagination of the player to run wild with what the monster may look like.

sleepThis isometric horror game uses story and atmosphere to create horror and leaves the player feeling tense; the puzzles make sense and require the player listen to every data log file which also push the story forwards. Monsters may roam the spaceship, but they are certainly not the focus of the game.

Stasis is available for Windows PC and Mac OS X, versions for Linux and mobile devices are planned for the future.


Dracula Resurrection (with walkthrough)

It is unlikely to find anyone in the western world who has not heard of Dracula. There have been so many films and stories (and games) featuring the ultimate vampire that you pretty much know that, if it is good, you are set to come up against something epic.

dracula ressurection

And this game is good. In 1999 this first person point and click adventure was first released and is set AFTER the story told in Bram Stoker’s Dracula. Published by Dreamcatcher and developed by Index, who were better known for their educational games, Dracula Resurrection was released on both PC and Playstation and quickly became a well loved addition to the collections of fans of the genre. In recent years it has received a ‘based on the best-selling game’ conversion over to iphone/ipad and android (also as has Dracula 2 – The Last Sanctuary) with a free taster version which can be upgraded to the full paid version if you like it.

“London 1904. Seven years after defeating and destroying Dracula, Jonathan Harker discovers that his wife Mina has fled London for the count’s castle in Transylvania. What if Mina falls back into the hands of evil? What if Dracula’s still alive? Try to keep cool . . . and keep your blood too! Your fight against Dracula has begun. It will be peppered with hints and dangerous riddles.”

You are totally immersed into the game with a full 360 degree view. To get around you use the mouse (or finger if using the recent tablet conversions) to move the camera and see everything around you. Everything is based on finding items, clues, secret passages and hints – many of which are tricky to even locate.

The original game is a masterpiece. Graphically it is extremely attractive. You will visit an inn, a forest, crypts and many other disturbing places, not to mention the castle of the Count himself. The adventure is interspersed with a few cut scenes as events and characters are encountered, and their quality is a cinematic level.

For me one of the strong points is the atmospheric soundtrack. You are literally sucked into the game. The crackling fire in the fireplace, the creaking of the floor on which you walk, the crickets singing in the night, the cry of the owls, the howling wind, a river flowing nearby with fish jumping out of the water.

The atmosphere is really dark and oppressive, and with the soundtrack you will be immersed in Dracula Resurrection as you have rarely been in a game.

The History Of Silent Hill (1999-2015)

 Alessa Gillespie, a girl with strange powers of telekinesis, rejected by her classmates, abused by her fanatical mother, and giving birth to a new being – this girl has had some issues to work through! A recurring character in the series of Silent Hill games (and also featured in the film) she of course is overshadowed somewhat by the major recurring character (except for in Shattered Memories) of the seriously atmospheric and sinister town itself.

There have so far been nine installments as well as some HD re-releases. The video below shows the progression through the games development over the years.


 In August 2014 an interactive teaser titled P.T. was released for the playstation 4 and later announced to be a teaser for the next game in the series ‘Silent Hills’ and so it continues…

Dead Trigger Video Walk Through


Dead Trigger is a 3D first-person zombie shooter video game you can download free for your android device.

The controls take a little of getting used to (generally the case with all touch screen games)

The zombies come at you fast and frantic!

Watch the walk through below

Murder Room Android Game with Walk Through


Murder room is an atmospheric horror adventure game for your android device (available free from the google play store).  It is the sort of game where you walk around finding objects that can help you later on in the game whilst also discovering more about what is going on. For instance,  when you find a small knife on the table, pick it up and tap it to read what is written on it. That information will give you a code. Later, when you find the closet you will use that code to open the closet and get a doll… and so it goes on.

You start off in a dark room with the sound of a chainsaw in the background. After a little exploration you find the source of that sound – a man with a chainsaw standing over a body lying on a table. He looks like he is cutting someone open…

You can see a walk through of the game below.