The History Of Silent Hill (1999-2015)

 Alessa Gillespie, a girl with strange powers of telekinesis, rejected by her classmates, abused by her fanatical mother, and giving birth to a new being – this girl has had some issues to work through! A recurring character in the series of Silent Hill games (and also featured in the film) she of course is overshadowed somewhat by the major recurring character (except for in Shattered Memories) of the seriously atmospheric and sinister town itself.

There have so far been nine installments as well as some HD re-releases. The video below shows the progression through the games development over the years.


 In August 2014 an interactive teaser titled P.T. was released for the playstation 4 and later announced to be a teaser for the next game in the series ‘Silent Hills’ and so it continues…

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